Impact Windows for Safety, Security and Energy Efficiency...


Terks Aluminum will work with you to choose the best Impact Windows for your home. We proudly serve Pasco County, Pinellas County and Hernando County. Replacement windows will protect and help reduce energy costs. Our WindPact Plus® windows provide you with the peace of mind you need in all weather situations.


Pasco Hurricane Windows by Terk's Aluminum

Why Hurricane Windows? Hurricane windows or impact resistant windows are windows that add a layer of safety and security by laminating an impact layer between the two inside layers of glass. When a storm comes there are two main factors that go into protecting your home, your windows and your garage door. A storm with enough power to break a window will cause a pressure change inside your home. It is this pressure change that leads to the roof blowing off. Pressure inside the home becomes high while the pressure outside drops with the air mass moving over the roof until the tie-downs can no longer hold.  By replacing the windows in your home with our hurricane windows you greatly reduce the risk associated with high wind stoms by maintaining the pressure inside your home.


Reduce Energy

Reduce Cooling and Heating Costs

 There is no reason to trade efficiency for security. With the latest technologies packed into our impact resistant windows you will get safety and efficiency. We offer windows with three levels of Low-e coatings. These coatings keep harmful UV-rays from entering your home and heating the air inside as well as damaging fabrics. These coatings distinguish between visible light and unwelcome ultra-violet light. These coatings will outperform tinted windows typically used in warm climates. Check out the Cardinal Glass energy calculator: 

Energy Calculator


Beautify your Home

Our impact windows are made with high quality vinyl frames. These frames contain multiple hollow cavities which provide increased energy gains over aluminum and wood. This change keeps the frame cool on the inside when it is hot on the outside. In test the outside was subjected to 160 degree temperatures while the inside remained 70 degrees. Because the glass is glazed directly to the frame there is no loss of efficiency that comes with aluminum framed windows. This also keeps condensation caused by temperature differences to a minimum which will reduce mold and mildew. 



Security is an enormous concern in today's world. Impact windows offer a unique benefit aside from safety. Because the windows are impact resistant intruders will find it hard to penetrate through the glass. The use of automatic locking locks also provides you the peace of mind that you will never forget to lock your windows.