Hurricane Protection - Shutters

 Bahama Shutters: Our Bahama shutters will give your house a tropical look while at the same time offering a high level of hurricane protection. These shutters are top hinged and provide shade in the hot peak sun hours as well as continued visibility. When the threat of a storm comes simply drop the shutter to provide large missile impact protection. They meet Miami-Dade impact code requirements and look attractive when installed on your home. They come in a number of colors and are custom measured to fit the windows in your home 



 Accordion Shutters: Our accordion hurricane shutters offer peace of mind during a storm. They are easy to operate by simply sliding the two sides until they meet in the middle or to one side. They also offer a key lock on every window to add a layer of protection to your home when you're away. There is no hardware to install or shutters to lift and attach manually. These really are a ready to use product that also add value to your home. 




Removable Installations

 Hurricane Panels: Our removable hurricane protection offers the same peace of mind during a storm with the convenience of easy removal to be stored in a separate location for a more natural look to your home. They can be installed in just a few minutes per window and meet the current building codes for Miami-Dade county. They come in a variety of thicknesses and material which include steel, aluminum, and even clear plastic to allow in light during a storm. There are a number of installation styles to match the needs of your specific home. 



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 Fabric Shield: This product offers you an alternative to the traditional storm protection. It is woven mesh that is coated with PVC providing wind, rain, and even wind driven impact protection. They are lighter and easier to install compared to traditional panels.  


Other Hurricane Protection Services


  • Garage door bracing: Braces installed to your existing garage door that connect to the header of the door and are anchored into the concrete floor for hurricane protection.
  • Gable end bracing: Roofs often fail during a hurricane due to a lack of standard bracing. Terks Aluminum can install additional bracing to the gable ends of your attic to help prevent the wall from failing during a storm.