The Difference

Terk's Aluminum prides itself in building to the highest quality possible. When it comes to pool enclosures there is no change in that philosophy. Most companies will come out, measure and build the enclosure off site. This comes with its own set of problems. To avoid those issues Terk's will build the entire enclosure on your property to your specific area needs. If it is out of square or plumb our skilled installers will make the needed adjustments on the spot. This may sound like a small thing to point out but making sure everything is just so makes for a higher quality product 


Choose the Options that are Best for You


When it comes to pool enclosures there are many options for you to choose from that will beautify your home and meet your needs.

Here are some option to choose from:

  • 18x14 screen, 20x20 screen, Shade screen, Pet Screen
  • White or Bronze Aluminum
  • Gable, Mansard or Flat roof
  • Standard screws or rust proof vinyl screws


Here Is One That Wanted More Room!

Custom Builds:


Many companies prefabricate your pool enclosure in a shop far from your property. This can lead to mistakes with little or no ability to rectify the issues on the property. At Terks we build all pool enclosures on site. This site building method allows us to be very precise in our measuring and assembly while allowing us to change, fix or add to the design (within code and permit allowances). The customer in the pictures below wanted us to remove her old cage, extend the pool slab, and install a new cage. The cage ran on an angle requiring us to custom build a roof to her specific needs. 




Rust Proof Screws


Terks offers a special screw system designed for Florida's pool enclosures. A common problem with steel screws exposed to the Florida air is rust. There is noting more annoying than rusted screws on a white cage. These rusted screws are unsightly and dangerous to structural integrity. 

The Pro-Tect system replaces the rusted ground anchors that can break over time. The shaft and head are both protected from the elements. The screw is then capped with a white nylon cover that snaps onto the sleeve. This prevents rust with a warranty for ten years from the manufacturer. 

The Nylo-Tech screws are the screws that replace all fasteners that are not on in contact with the ground. They are standard screws that are capped with a nylon head. They nylon head protects the head of the screw from the elements and prevents rust from forming on the head of the screw. These screws can replace the rusted screws in existing cages or be installed at the time of your build.