Replacement windows can provide a great deal of improvement on your energy bills. In some cases it can be as much as 20%. By replacing your old drafty windows you can also add protection from hurricanes. 


Custom Window Replacement

Hot Days

Terk's Aluminum installs only the finest windows and doors to meet the needs of our customers. This means making them energy efficient. LoE-270 and LoE-366 glass makes that possible. It's the perfect glass for fighting the heat of Florida. This is accomplished by reducing the solar heat gain coefficient by 50% when compared to ordinary glass. This far exceeds current code requirement 


Cool Days

 When it's cold outside this same glass reduces the transfer of cold to the inside of your home. When it is cold outside a single-pane window the pane will take on that cold and cool the air inside the home. A 20 degree day will yield a window with an inside temperature of 31 degrees. A 20 degree day with an insulated window will yield an inside temperature of 51 degrees. But with a 20 degree day and a LoE-270 window your inside temperature will be an amazing 61 degrees.  


Effects to your Home

If you have ever placed furniture in front of a window you know it can have a bleaching affect on the fabric. Because LoE-270 and LoE-366 glass reduces the harmful UV rays from the sun that is all but eliminated. When you reduce the sun's UV rays from entering you home you will cool your rooms for less money and replace less furniture because of fading. The money saving never ends when you do custom window replacement!


Impact Windows

 Impact windows provide you with a rare opportunity in Florida, increased safety in a hurricane. Impact windows also add security when a hurricane is not threatening the state. Because the windows are impact resistant they are also hard to break into. This added layer of protection can be the difference in preventing a life threatening situation. 


How Impact Glass Works

Impact resistant glass is composed of three main layers. There are two outer layers of glass and an inner laminating sheet that bonds the two panes of glass together making one clear unit. This pane is then mated to an insulating glass pane completing the window surface. Once mounted into the frame the impact rated window is not complete and ready to be installed in your home. Impact windows are a great way to add some peace of mind. 


Check out some of our suppliers

 At Terks Aluminum we want you to have the best experience possible. That is why we have partnered with some of the best window companies in the nation. Ask your representative for more information about our window suppliers 


Simonton Reflecions 550 Replacement Windows

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